Friday, 11 January 2013

Meet Kerdi & Ditra

The bathroom need to be water tight to keep nasty molds away.  To do this, cement backerboard was installed at the shower enclosure and humitech drywall was installed throughout the rest of the bathroom including the ceiling.  To waterproof the shower enclosure, Kerdi, an orange fuzzy layer, was installed over the backerboards with mortar.  For the floors, Ditra provided both waterproofing as well as decoupling between the subfloor and the tiles.  Bands of Kerdi were also installed around the floor of the bathroom and up the wall to create a waterproof "tub".

Plumbing and wiring in the can
Washing machine hookups

Sound insulation for a little privacy
Cement backboard and humitech drywall

Kerdi to keep it watertight
Ditra to waterproof before tiling

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