Monday, 12 May 2014

Ceiling Bling!

I think they say laziness is the mother of invention. My arms and lungs are fed up with mudding and taping so in an attempt to avoid these mundane tasks, I have decided to install ceiling tiles. These tiles are actually made with styrofoam so they are cheap, light and easy to install with just tile adhesive. Genius! To add even more bling to the ceiling, I installed 3 pendant lamps over the kitchen peninsula which are made from vintage inspired lamp parts complete with Edison light bulbs. The ceiling fan is the piece de resistance, made by Minka Aire, Model Artemis, sexiness level high! Balancing this splurge item is the $25 Home Depot kitchen track lights. Of course to set the right mood, every light must be on a dimmer!

Sexy ceiling fan
Pendants over
kitchen peninsula
Kitchen track lights

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